BGR World is your Business’ Global Resource. We provide an integral service to companies that wish to develop, market their products and expand to new international markets.

We specialize in legal packaging adaptation to obtain regulatory certification by complying with regulations in markets such as:

  • South America (Brazil, Argentina)
  • North America (Mexico, USA, Canada)
  • European Union (U.K, Spain, France, Germany, Italy)

and other important markets around the globe.

With 30 years of combined experience in Visual Communication, Graphic
Design, Marketing and Sales, and international regulatory laws, we offer
effective solutions to all your exporting needs.

BGR World is the ideal professional team to assure you that your product will successfully reach its final destination, avoiding the unnecessary costs you might have to pay if your merchandise is held at customs.

BGR World assures that the merchandise you are importing will be ready to be commercialized without any kind of delays, for instance in customs or at a retail location.

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