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Find out how BGR World became the preferred partner to make it easy and fast to export products to Mexico!

Our expertise ranges from the artistic design of labels in compliance with the local language to the quick attainment of Mexican government certifications. Imagine a scenario where your product not only meets all labeling and packaging standards, but also stands out with a unique layout that captivates consumers. This is possible with BGR World!

Our specialized team is ready to create labels that not only respect the requirements of NOM-050-SCFI-1994, but also embody the essence of your brand and fit perfectly with your packaging. In addition, our proven track record ensures that government certifications are acquired in a timely manner, saving your company valuable time and resources.

We offer more than just exceptional service. We offer competitive prices that don’t compromise on quality, allowing you to achieve a solid margin in your export operations. Our dedicated team excels at ensuring that your approval with regulatory bodies happens in record time, getting your products to the Mexican market faster and more efficiently.

With a 20-year legacy of serving major industries and manufacturers that export from the US to Mexico, BGR World is synonymous with reliability and excellence. Not only do we offer a high quality service, but we also enable you to gain a significant competitive advantage in the international marketplace.

At BGR World, we’re not just about products, we’re also about exceptional experiences. Our holistic approach covers every step of the process, from conception to the successful completion of exports. Be part of a journey that will turn your US-Mexico exports into a success story, thanks to BGR World – your partner to brilliantly conquer the Mexican market!

Visit: https://bgrworld.com/

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